What are Egypt’s demands?

I am going to express some controversial thoughts, even more so than usual.  Meaning most people that usually agree with me will probably be slightly upset.  But I would like to state that I rather liked Morsi.  Sure, I don’t live in Egypt and for the most part have no experience to base my statement on.

But the way I see it, Morsi was trying to stabilize a nation that had just been through a power vacuum and military rule.  Being a dictator may have been necessary in some cases.  A benign dictator, let’s say.  As far as I know, the fact he was Islamist had nothing to do with his policies.  Christians weren’t treated less respectfully than before according to news.  Again, I could be 100 percent wrong.  I just never heard anything about it.

Furthermore, he started out strong.  He negotiated a significant ceasefire with Israel and Hamas along with Clinton in his early months.  If not for him, that flare up could have been another Operation Cast Lead.  Easily.  In the week it went on, over 140 Palestinians were killed– the majority of them civilians.  There was finally a man in office in Egypt who genuinely cared about the conflict.  Now that he’s gone, the Rafah crossing to Gaza is closed and trapped many Palestinians in Egypt and thousands in Gaza.  This may have been his single great achievement, but frankly, it’s profound.  More profound than the mistakes he made.

Shortly after, he gave himself sweeping power in what he said was to help stabilize the country.  I believe him.  Fast forward a year later and all of the sudden the military is threatening to oust him in forty eight hours.  And the anti-Morsi citizens are supporting them!  Why, when the military rule was atrocious only one year ago would they suddenly put their faith in them?  The military also killed protestors during the last days of Mubarak.  Their track record indicates the military is not very trust-worthy.  And yet now it’s okay to oust a new democratically elected president because he hasn’t met Egypt’s demands.  He may have given himself too much control, but given time I think he would have calmed down.  He wasn’t targeting any specific group or threatening to take over the world.

This brings me to the title.  What are Egypt’s demands?  They elected a president, didn’t see him fit so instead of impeachment they agree to a military coup.  Now over 50 Morsi supporters have been killed in the aftermath.  Is that what Egypt wants?  More violence?  I highly doubt it.  But if they’re not careful, Egypt will become another Syria.


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