Crisis in Gaza

It’s not news to anyone what has been happening since last Wednesday, at least I hope it’s not.  But I wanted to create an ongoing post that will attempt to keep up to date information on what is going on in Gaza.  I feel it is important to air all statistics for both sides.  I think once those are seen, you will be able to tell what is really going on here.

Our newly re-elected president today has said merely that Israel has a right to defend themselves.  I think “defense” is what is at question here.  Is it defense when you bomb a house full of people with only one member of your enemy inside it?  Is it defense when you bomb a media tower with journalists?  He also said that the precipating event of this crisis was Hamas firing rockets into Israel.  Which, if we look back, the precipitating event is actually the attack by Israel that killed the Hamas leader in the middle of a cease fire between the two sides.  It is this breaking of the ceasefire that led to more rockets.  I am not condoning the rockets.  Civilians on both sides are equally tragic.  But the force of response that Israel is showing is simply not equal.

Here is how we stand five days into the conflict:

72 Palestinians have been killed in total.  26 of those were today.  11 of those were children of the same family when their house was hit.  Some of those killed are from Hamas, a great portion are civilians and children.

Three Israeli civilians were killed last Thursday.

76 missiles were fired into Israel today.  Some hit civilian areas and there are several injured or being treated for shock.

Israel is also firing shells from the sea, completely surrounding Gaza.  Eight Palestinian journalists were injured from this when the media tower was hit.  One had his leg amputated.

Total injured Palestinians: 660

Hospitals in Gaza don’t have enough supplies for the injured.

Many families in Gaza are trapped in their house without power and water and are running out of food.

November 19:

Death toll in Gaza has reached 100. 

In somewhat better news, Obama has urged a cease fire and made a statement implying that a ground invasion was discouraged.

November 20:

Egypt has claimed that Israel will stop air strikes later today. Inshallah this is true.

One Israeli soldier and civilian have been killed by a rocket and two civilians were injured.

Death toll in Gaza: 130

Leaflets dropped over villages in Gaza asked residents to evacuate to Gaza City.

November 21:

Hamas has claimed responsibility for a bomb on a bus in Tel Aviv. How, I don’t know. 10 Israelis were injured.

Morsi and Clinton announce ceasefire has been agreed!

The ceasefire is in effect. Both sides have agreed to stop hostilities. Thank god for Morsi, Ban Ki-Moon, Clinton and all negotiators.

Final death toll in Gaza reached 150 over the past week. Total Israeli casualties were seven. Let’s all hope it doesn’t happen again.

Hillary has also promised to help improve conditions in Gaza. I’m going to hold her to that.


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