Insulting the Dead and Depriving Basic Needs…All in a day’s work

We all know the story of Rachel Corrie.  As a young activist in the International Solidarity Movement in the Gaza Strip, Rachel took a stand and used herself as a human shield against a bulldozer about to demolish yet another Palestinian home.  Some other activists shouted at the driver to stop.  This was not enough.  The driver continued, abruptly ending her life, and continued to demolish the home.

Ten years later, her parents are still fighting the state of Israel in court for negligence and failure to conduct a proper investigation.  The latest hearing was last Tuesday, where the judge claimed “She [Corrie] did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done.”

Any thinking person.  Wow.  Any thinking person would also have stopped when there was a human in their way.

So there you have it.  The judge favored the Israeli government and also managed to insult the deceased victim at the same time.  Insensitive, cruel, despicable.  And what were the Corries asking for in this suit of negligence?  One dollar.

“No, I won’t grant you a dollar and also, your dead daughter is stupid.”  Thank you, Judge Gershon.

In other news, a new UN report on Gaza has deemed that the territory will be unliveable by 2020.  That is less than ten years from now.  “The UN report, “Gaza in 2020: A liveable place?”, estimates the territory will need double the number of schools and 800 more hospital beds by 2020, and says it is already suffering from a housing shortage.”  -BBC News

Their fresh water source will be not be useable by as early as 2016, and not too long ago the water was reported to be non-potable in the first place.

Let’s just hope Egypt keeps those tunnels open since their entire economy is forced to rely on smuggling.




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