Media Manipulation–a Perfect Example

I often claim that media here in the United States falsely depicts news and events that happen in the Middle East and especially Palestine (which is the reason I write this blog).  Well, today I have the perfect example of an article from the New York Times that has most of the facts wrong.  I know because I was there: the NATO rally and demonstration that took place yesterday in Chicago.  For reference, please read the article here:

Protesters and Police Clash at NATO meeting

Here is how the reporters portray the protest in a completely different light than what actually took place.

1. From the very first sentence, they begin their false reporting :

“Protesters at the NATO summit meeting clashed with the Chicago police late Sunday as officers tried to disperse thousands of people who had gathered several blocks from the site of the meeting and refused demands to leave.”

There were not thousands left to be dispersed.  There were thousands of us in the march that took place BEFORE the clashes.  After our march was over, the majority of us dispersed of our own accord and only a couple hundred refused to leave.

2. “At times, the march was calm.”

Actually, the entire five hour rally and march were peaceful the entire time. FIVE hours, not “at times.” As I said before, fighting did not take place until after the official march.

3. The print version of this article claimed that a group of people in military uniform started the confrontations when they threw their war medals in the street. False. They did throw the medals, but afterwards asked everyone to leave with them peacefully to the west. Hardly inciting violence if you ask me.

So use this as a reminder that our media will paint the picture they want. In this case, it was making Chicagoans look unable to handle a peaceful demonstration. Which in reality, we did beautifully. And it was an amazing moment.


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