Palestinian Prisoners Day

Yesterday was Palestinian Prisoners Day and the day of Khader Adnan’s release from Israeli administrative detention.  Every year this day is celebrated in Palestine within the families of current and former prisoners.  This year was unique, however.  International attention has been drawn on human rights abuses in Israeli prisons, and especially on the phenomenon of administrative detention.  This is where Israel can hold someone without charge or trial indefinitely.

Hana Shalabi is currently in such a situation.

The most recent report from Addameer states that 203 of the overall prisoners are children and 31 of them are under the age of 16.  Below is a chart of the demographics of prisoners over the last year:


This year, Palestinian Prisoners Day was honored globally, including here in Chicago.  A day long fast in solidarity with the prisoners was called upon by Chicago Movement for Palestinian Rights, and I had the privilege of attending their dinner and educational event in the evening.







Please take some time to watch this short video about prisoners and educate yourself:



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