Goodbyes and Halloween

My young adult beginners are newly certified Level 1 English speakers! I am so proud of them. My last class was yesterday, and I am very sad to see them go. I wanted to hug all of them, but due to cultural taboos, I had to just shake their hands goodbye. Most were men, you see. It took a lot to settle my urge to give them huge hugs.

After the bittersweet ending, we threw a Halloween party at the volunteer house. We all dressed in costumes and accessories from the one sheckel shop and had a dance party with lots of Palestinian candies. It was a great night, and some photos are sure to follow soon. I was a classy man from the 20’s, and there was an Aladdin, a creepy doll, Pocahontas, and Jake came in a cheetah-print dress. It was a lovely Halloween. I hope you all had a good one!

Tomorrow I’m setting off for a ten day trip in northern Israel. It is the holiday of Eid here, which is a huge feast that lasts for a week. So classes won’t meet, giving us the freedom to take a break and explore.


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