The Project Hope Gang

A well overdue introduction to the gang!

Heba: She is a Palestinian-American from Kentucky who’s family is originally from a small village called Shoqba.  She is my age and teaches English out in the refugee camps near Nablus.  She has a fear of lizards as I found out today, because I chased one all over her room for her while she cowered outside.  She’s got a big personality and is a great Resident Evil watching companion.  This is what we do when our internet is out.  Chase lizards and watch Resident Evil.

Rasha: An Iraqi who is now a citizen of Ireland.  She is the one I met on the border crossing.  She is fluent in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.  It’s quite impressive.  She can speak to everyone here.  And she is super-bubbly and nice.  She is also Muslim like Heba, but not practicing so much.

Ouidad: A Moroccan-Franc?  I’m not quite sure of the correct form of “France” for that.  Born in France, family from Morroco.  She is also Muslim, but does not know Arabic and not much English.  Rasha and she are helping me refresh my French, and we are helping her learn more English.  She is very quiet and the youngest among us, but is an absolute sweetheart.

Lindsey: An American who has lived all over the United States and South America and according to her, who knows where next?  She is in her 30’s and wears lots of South American clothing.  She is a very interesting character.  She teaches English and has been for years, so I will definitely be seeking her advice!

Miadi: A Haitian-Franc who is interning as an assistant to the head of the French cultural center here.  She came down to Nablus with the French consulate and is not actually teaching any students.  She is very sweet and the kids here call her Oprah.


So that’s who I am spending the next month of my life with!


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