Ahlan wa sahlan

It is now nearly noon here in Amman.  The first leg of my trip is complete and I feel very proud of having done it all myself.  Unfortunately, the much harder part is ahead.  Getting to Nablus with no man to do the negotiating may be much more difficult.  Nor do I really even know what a reasonable price for a ride to Nablus is.  This is why WIFI is my friend.

I woke up late this morning after a full day of traveling.  After having had my fill of falafel at Hashem Restaurant across the street, I am finding myself wanting to laze around instead of exploring.  I ate breakfast with a Jordanian man whom had lived in Arizona for twenty years and who’s daughter lives in Chicago.  Small world.  The Cliff Hostel is homey and I am perfectly content watching BBC News here for a couple hours.   I am sort of becoming a regular here (if you can count showing up once a year a regular).

Well, tomorrow is the border crossing and the final destination!  I can’t believe this is finally happening.


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